The Friends of the Jack Kerouac House are committed to serving the community of St. Petersburg

The Friends of the Jack Kerouac House are committed to serving the community of St. Petersburg, FL as well as preserving the legacy of Jack Kerouac. As stewards of the Kerouac legacy in St. Pete, Friends of the Jack Kerouac House has substantial event planning, arts management and historic preservation experience. This collective knowledge and the skills of the many community scholars and experts who have offered their expertise ensure that the programs laid out will come to fruition successfully.

Kerouac in St. Pete
  1. 1Preserve the integrity of the house as a historic resource connected to 20th century literature.
  2. 2Educate the public and facilitate study of Jack Kerouac and his style of writing.
  3. 3Link St. Pete and Kerouac on the world’s literary stage permanently.

Open the Kerouac House as a museum designed to showcase the life of a 20th century writer. The Friends of the Jack Kerouac House is working to purchase the home from the executors of the estate. Once this is complete, we will renovate the home and restore it to period accuracy, furnished with items used by Kerouac and his family.

Small tours will be conducted on a by-appointment only system, minimizing disruption to residents in the neighborhood. The University of South Florida will provide scholars and students to assist in archiving and documenting the home’s contents and ensuring historic accuracy.

Working with local organizations, Friends of the Jack Kerouac House will implement a series of events designed to showcase the importance of Kerouac as a 20th century writer.

In summer of 2013, Friends of the Jack Kerouac House will institute an annual Kerouac Citywide Book Club. The book club will be held throughout the city, either in private homes or at local bars, restaurants, coffee shops, book stores, libraries, etc. Friends of Jack Kerouac will put together a panel of 5-8 scholars familiar with Jack Kerouac’s residency in St. Pete or aspects of Beat Culture to lead discussions throughout the city. Each discussion will focus on a specific aspect of Kerouac’s work.

For the past four years, Pete Gallagher and Pat Barmore have worked with the Flamingo Bar to host a musical celebration of Kerouac’s life in St. Petersburg. Held every October, in honor of Kerouac’s death at St. Anthony’s hospital a few blocks away, the celebration draws numerous noted musicians and fans. In 2013, Friends of the Jack Kerouac House will expand the celebration to include a film screening of Pull My Daisy, Kerouac’s only film. Attending the screening will be scholar and musician David Amran, composer of the film and a frequent speaker on Kerouac’s life and work.